Are Garages Really Hard To Organize? Check Out These Practicable Garage Storage Tips

4254-101413-gs4254Garages are notorious and well-known for being the most disorganized areas in homes. Housekeeping services performed by The Maids of Columbus in Ohio cover all areas of the home, but you may not have the time to do everything yourself if you handle it yourself and may miss some important areas. They are probably neglected because they are hard to organize. For the garage, it may certainly be true but do try to pay attention to the following storage options and keep your garage clean and organized without a hassle.

Utilize Your Cabinets

If you think cabinets are only meant for your bedroom and kitchen, then think again. Installing cabinets is the first step towards getting an organized and clean garage. They keep cleaning supplies, off-season items and tools out of sight and easy to access.

Group and Sort Items into Various Categories

Group the items together according to activity, projects and size. This ensures that everything in your home has a permanent home. Keep frequently used items in their own drawers where they can be accessed with ease. Take special care of items such as motor oil, cleaning supplies and paints out of reach by children and pets. Utilize storage labels to date, sort and locate items in your garage.

Create an All-in-one Working Station

To avoid scattering items everywhere in your garage, you can outfit your garage with a working station that includes a metal tool box on casters, a potting table, wall-mounted hooks to hang aprons and bags and overhead cabinets. This allows you to reach those items you want easily besides keeping your garage neat.

Install a Mudroom

A mudroom just in front of your garage ensures that your garage is kept clean of those muddy cleats and gumboots. Stake out somewhere around the entryway to your garage a small mudroom. Inside the mudroom, you can add a tray where you will be storing wet shoes.

Using Pipe Dreams

Most of your long-handled landscape doesn’t have a home and you always lean them by the wall. You can avoid this by installing pipe dreams on the walls. Just cut small sections of disposable PVC pipes and make screw holes on them before attaching the pieces to the shed wall.

Use Rolling Bins & Carts

You can enlist your garage with rolling carts, bins and cabinets to ease maneuverability in your garage. You can store trash, lawn and garden bins near the garage door so that they can be easily accessed.

The above-mentioned storage options should be able to de-clutter your garage and get it organized. 

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