Having a carpet in your house not only keeps the house clean but also makes the house more attractive. Carpet cleaning leaves your house free of dust and molds that could lead to health complications and allergies.

A carpet cleaning routine is important in making your house clean and ensures sufficient fresh air circulates in the house. To ensure a clean carpet the following routines are indispensable.

Asthma is a condition, where the bronchioles carrying oxygen to the lungs are constricted. It can also be referred to as a reaction that is triggered as a result of body hypersensitivity.

Anyone from any age group can suffer from asthma caused by home allergens. Individuals with a family history of this condition are susceptible to asthma since childhood. The common symptoms of this condition include difficulty in breathing, coughing and wheezing. For many with asthma, the reaction often starts with a simple cold or sneezing and then goes down to the respiratory tract, causing tightness and congestions, and hence asthma.

Dust mites are disgusting little creatures that live in our homes. They survive by eating our dead skin and hair that is shed on bed linen, pillows, furniture, or rugs in the home. Dust mites are practically invisible to the eye, but they can cause a lot of trouble for people in the home. Some people complain that they feel stuffy, their eyes itch and assume that their allergies are causing the symptoms. The fact is that millions are allergic to dust mites. Getting rid of them is another story.

Indoor allergens like dust mites, mold, pet dander and cockroach droppings among many other elements can trigger allergy or symptoms of asthma in millions of allergy sufferers across the world. Allergens, which can be carried through the air, are easily found on the floor, furniture and on other surfaces around your home. There is absolutely no home that can be said to free of allergens but thorough regular cleaning can be a great way of reducing the number of allergens that you and your family gets exposed to. Here are several ways of Cleaning Your Home to Control Allergens.

A lot of talk going around the marketplace suggests that phosphate-containing commercial dishwashing detergents are likely to be banned for their harmful effects. Whether these rumors do take shape remains to be seen but in case of such a worst case scenario, are we expected to sit back and eat out of dirty dishes? Obviously not, there is always a backup plan to fall back on. You can consider making your very own dish cleaning and scouring powder at home. Moreover, with the prices of present eco-friendly brands such as Seventh Generation and EcoVer skyrocketing, having your own recipe will also save you some money.

There are still a considerable number of people who still hold-on to the old cleaning tricks up to date. However, most of these tricks are just but strange myths and most do not really work as they are told. Here are the top 5 cleaning myths:

There are numerous companies that specialize in glass cleaners. Though there are plenty of products in the market for us to use, many people have opted for homemade glass cleaner. The reasons include:

Aromatherapy for your home is a practice you can use to not only make your living space smell better but to transport you to times you were happier or bring you daily memories of a loved one. A proper scent will also help you be calmer in a stressful situation. You would also be saving a bundle on expensive air fresheners as well as allergy medicine.

Being human, we all tend to look for cheaper but yet efficient and also non harmful methods to cleaning your home. Vinegar falls perfectly in this category since it is both non-toxic and affordable and easily available.

Cleaning is fun, to some people and totally loathsome to others. It is said to be therapeutic too. However, it is a necessary activity in our lives. Here are some very interesting facts about cleaning and general housekeeping that will awe and fascinate you, in equal measure. 

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