Does Using a Dishwasher Save Water?

iStock 000019484903Medium CopyIn recent years, there have been numerous technological advancements in almost every industry. Some advancements have improved the water efficiency and cleaning of automatic dishwashers. According to research and studies, consumers only waste energy and water during the dishwashing process through their own decisions and actions. In order to gather information on the subject, a study was conducted on dishwasher usage by the consumers. According to the study, consumers unnecessarily pre-rinse dishes at the sink, and waste a lot of water before placing them into an automatic dishwasher.

As mentioned above, the actual energy and water usage for dishwashing greatly depends on consumer habits. A consume makes various decisions, such as the extent of pre-rinsing various dishes, machine vs hand washing, selection of dishwasher cycles, how efficiently and fully the dishwasher is loaded and more. These choices ultimately decide the energy and water usage involved in the automatic dishwashing process.

According to studies, an important decision that affects energy and water usage during automatic dish washing is pre-rinsing the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. When you use a pre-rinse cycle in a dishwasher, approximately one gallon of water is used. On the other hand, when you pre-rinse dishes under running water in the sink, about 25 gallons water is used for 5 minutes of pre-rinsing. This is a substantial difference. Thus, there’s no doubt that washing dishes in an automatic dishwasher is the more energy efficient option.

The United States Department of Energy has implemented Energy Standards for numerous appliances. These standards have established some benchmarks for water and energy efficiency. When it comes to modern, automatic dishwashers, a significant portion of water and energy savings comes from reduction in hot water usage. Since a significant amount of energy is used to heat normal water, less water usage by an automatic dishwasher also leads to reduced energy use.

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