What to Expect in 2013: Interior Decorating

Spring is a great time to try a new look in your home, but it can be hard to know where to start. If you're looking for something fresh in your home but need some ideas, here are three of the trends designers are noticing in interior decorating.

Of course, cleaning is always in style, so if you need a hand keeping your new look looking new, maid services can help!

A Bit of Neon

Neon's making a bit of a comeback, but really, any bright color is working interiors this season. The important thing to note is that it's all about the accent. You're looking to create splashes and details in bright colors that look great but don't overwhelm.

To try:

  • Paint or wallpaper an accent wall in a bold color.
  • Paint an interior door a bright color.
  • Use a few brightly colored pieces of furniture.
  • Find a bright area rug or throw pillow that will pop well in the room.

Shades of Gray

Gray has often taken a back seat to other neutrals, but it's coming into its own this season. The preference is for warmer grays, but other than that, the ideas are open. They can be left with other grays and neutrals, paired with warmer neutrals like different shades of brown, or as a backdrop to bright accents of yellow and green.

To try:

  • Gray bedspread with white or brightly-colored accent pillows.
  • Dining room table and chairs in gray.
  • Kitchen backsplash, tables and chairs, and fixtures in gray shades.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Many people like to spend time outside in the evening or on weekends, relaxing or visiting with friends. Some homeowners and decorators are taking that one step further by making outdoor areas as decorated and designed as the interior. From porches with large coffee tables and rugs to decks with pillows and bars, you have everything you need outside!

To try: 

  • Add an area rug, cushioned chairs, and a small end table to your front porch.
  • Combine an area rug, big, fluffy floor pillows, and a coffee table with candles to make a family room on your deck (just make sure you have a way to store them quickly if your deck isn't covered!).
  • Turn your back porch into a second kitchen by adding a small refrigerator and small bar to go along with your barbecue grill.

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