Step-by-Step Process to Repair Dented Wood Furniture Surfaces

3-pack61-021514-tmWood is vulnerable to chips and dents. Repairing these dents and chips is necessary in order to restore and maintain the elegance of your wood furniture. Follow the steps below that can help you to repair your dented wood furniture:

1. Clean Up the Dented Area – Wash away fingerprints, debris, dirt and dust from the dented/chipped areas with a soft cloth and a dishwashing soap. Then, dry the area properly. 

2. Sand the Affected Area – Using a 200 -grit sandpaper, sand the dented area and also the area right around the dented area. Ensure that you don’t scrub off the finish and painting from the surrounding areas. This should be followed by wiping away the sanding dust using a tack cloth.  

3. Fill the Dent Using a Wood Filler – Repair the chip by filling it with a small amount of recommended wood filler, applying it with a putty knife. When repairing a dented surface that is stained, you can use stainable wood filler.  

4. Level the Wood Filler with the Surrounding Surface – By scraping the flat edge of your putty knife across the filled dent, you’d have leveled the wood filler so that it complements well with the surrounding surface. Then let the wood filler dry completely.  

5. Sand the Repaired Area – Sand the repaired area to prepare it for painting. Make sure to use fine grit sandpaper to

6. Do the Painting – Paint the repaired surface with a good quality paint that matches with the finish of the surrounding areas. Use a soft brush to wipe off the paint. Then let the coat to dry out before adding a second coating.  

Repairing a dented surface is not that hard as you may the think. The above steps are simple and they’ll get the job done without much hassle. And if you are looking for help with your housekeeping needs, The Maids of Columbus, in Worthington, Ohio would be happy to assist you.

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