Clean As You Go

Whether you clean your house or hire a maid service, your house might already be mostly in order from a good weekly cleaning. However, have you noticed things building up in your house throughout the week? Have you ever walked back in the kitchen after dinner and found it a disaster?

The best way to keep your house looking nice falls back on one simple principle: clean as you go.


Cleaning as you go in the kitchen will make the biggest difference when compared to the other rooms. Here's a quick list for steps you can take as you cook or bake to keep from returning to a nightmare when dinner is over:

  • Keep the trash can close and use it often!
  • Wash or load dishes as you finish with them, and remember to start the dishwasher when it's full.
  • Wipe off each area as you move on. 
  • Clean up spills as they happen.
  • Sweep when you're done.

While your kitchen has the most applications for keeping it clean as you go, every room can benefit from this principle!

Living Areas

In your living room, dining room, and bathrooms, make it a practice not to leave a room without taking something with you. Often, things get placed in the wrong area during day-to-day activities. Before you leave a room, do a quick scan for whatever doesn't belong, and take it to its proper spot.

Just as important is putting things away as you finish with them. As often as possible, try to remember to return things to where they belong whenever you complete a task. Remind your family, too, to put things away.

Before you go to bed, do a quick sweep of your home, picking up trash, dishes, and anything else that escaped notice earlier in the day. Set out the things you'll need the next morning, and if you need to, load up the dishwasher for nice, clean dishes as soon as you wake up.


The single best thing you can do for a bedroom is make the bed. As it's usually the largest piece of furniture in the room, having it made instantly pulls the rest of the room together. Make it a habit, and encourage your children to do the same.

Consider putting a laundry basket in every bedroom, and whenever you change, throw your dirty clothes there. Put clean clothes away as soon as you get them folded or put onto hangers. If you or your other family members have a habit of wearing an item of clothing repeatedly, decide on a place to put it, and always keep it there when you aren't using it.

Your regular house cleaning will keep your home looking great, but for the best results, keeping it picked up during the week can the clutter and mess from creeping up on you.

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