Effective ways of Cleaning Your Home to Control Allergens

Indoor allergens like dust mites, mold, pet dander and cockroach droppings among many other elements can trigger allergy or symptoms of asthma in millions of allergy sufferers across the world. Allergens, which can be carried through the air, are easily found on the floor, furniture and on other surfaces around your home. There is absolutely no home that can be said to free of allergens but thorough regular cleaning can be a great way of reducing the number of allergens that you and your family gets exposed to. Here are several ways of Cleaning Your Home to Control Allergens.

1. Get rid of dust

This is actually one of the best ways of reducing indoor allergens. Dust mites, the most common asthma and allergy symptoms trigger, usually thrive in dust. However, it is important to note that dusting can even worsen the situation if the dust particles are kicked in the air. The secret is using a damp or rather treated cloth capable of attracting dusting instead of scattering it. Also, remember to wear a dust mask when cleaning your home. What is more, avoid cluttering your home as much as possible because it collects more dust.

2. Vacuuming

This is especially important in areas that are known to attract more dust such as the carpeting and furniture. Just like dusting, if vacuuming is not done right, it can also lead to dust particles scattered in the air. Try using a vacuum with HEPA filter that can trap even the smallest particles to prevent them from floating in the air and causing more problems. Vacuuming should be done at least once or twice per week.

3. Clean allergens off

Generally, dust mites usually thrive in important items such as pillows, bedding and throw rugs. Technically, most of our time is usually spent in the bedroom making it an extremely sensitive area. Form a habit of cleaning your sheets, pillowcases as well as blankets at least once a week and ensure to dry them using a hot dryer to destroy dust mites. It is also advisable to encase non-washable pillows, mattresses, comforters and other bedding using allergen proof covers.

4. Reduce pet dander

Protein found in the urine, saliva and dander of our faithful companions (pets) is actually a common allergen for majority of people. They can become airborne and consequently trigger allergy and asthma symptoms in extremely sensitive people. Ensure to vacuum frequently and wash your pet at least once every week.

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