Getting Kids to Help around the House

Housekeeping is not high on any kid’s to-do list. But having kids help with household chores is not only helpful for parents, but teaches kids a sense of responsibility. How can you get them to help? Here are a few tricks and tips to get your children to make those beds and sweep the floors, as well as other chores.

Start by adding fun to chores

Let's face it; housekeeping is no fun for anyone. So to get your kids helping out, try making it a game. Smaller kids will love it. Have them clean or pick up items of the same color. If you have tile, have them sweep all the dirt into one designated tile. If you show a little enthusiasm, they will follow. Turn the television off and turn up the tunes. Everyone loves to dance; it will be easier to add cleaning into the groove.

Make up creative incentives

Who doesn't work better with incentives? Always praise your children’s’ efforts when they help you out. It not only makes them feel good about what they did, but they are likely to keep helping. While the normal incentive is cash, it will be much more interesting for your child if you create other rewards for them to aim for. An extra 30 minutes of TV time or game time is a good start. Take a jar and fill it with written down small or fun events that the kids like. When they have completed their chores for the week, let them pick an activity.

Have a chart to keep kids on track

It is easier for a child to complete a task when they can see it. Creating a chart will show them what needs to be done. They can have fun checking off their tasks. Also, give each kid a different task. They will appreciate having their own chores to be responsible for. Once in a while, it is good to change the chores around so it doesn't "get old."

With these suggestive ideas at hand, your kids will not dread chores anymore and you will get far more help with your housekeeping. Enjoy doing something fun with your children with that extra time you have achieved!

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