Home Storage Tips - Using Wine Racks

Wine racks are normally used for storing wine - keeping the bottle horizontal puts the wine in contact with the cork, which helps to preserve the beverage. With a little creativity, however, a wine rack can be a convenient, elegant way to store all kinds of household items. They can easily be placed in a closet or in a corner somewhere to give you a convenient storage space.

What might you store on a wine rack besides your favorite bottle of red? Here are some ideas:

Put a wine rack in your bathroom and use it to store towels. A regular sized rack is great for storing hand towels while a larger rack designed for 1.5-liter bottles works well for larger bath towels.

You'll want to first fold the towel in half or into thirds, and then roll it up tightly and place it in one of the round spaces on the wine rack. Storing towels this way keeps them neat and tidy while providing easy access whenever you want to grab a clean one. It can also add some color and character to your bathroom, and you can play around with different color arrangements.

In the kitchen, a wine rack can be a great place to store bottles of vinegar, cooking oil and anything else that can be kept at room temperature. This is great if you have limited cupboard space and makes it easy to find what you need.

You might also try putting a wine rack in your closet, either on the floor or on a shelf above. You can roll up bed sheets and store them in the rack - this is especially useful for contoured sheets that are difficult to fold into a neat pile. If you have a large wine rack, you should be able to roll up an entire set of sheets complete with pillow cases and store it in a single spot on the rack.

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