The Many Uses of Vinegar

Being human, we all tend to look for cheaper but yet efficient and also non harmful methods to cleaning your home. Vinegar falls perfectly in this category since it is both non-toxic and affordable and easily available.

In home cleaning vinegar has vast uses but they are mainly used in floor and carpet cleaning, window cleaning, laundry and even in the lawn or backyard.
While cleaning the floor try to mix the water with some vinegar, helps to kill germs. This will work best on non-wax floors. Use half a cup for every liter of water. In the case of carpets mix a table spoon of vinegar with a cup of water and gently rub it on the stain using a soft cloth. Try and clean the stain immediately it is seen to make it take a shorter time to clean.

In the case for laundry vinegar helps soften and freshen your clothes. As you rinse your laundry make sure you have mixed the rinsing water with vinegar. Vinegar also helps maintain the clothes color, helps the cloth not to fade. For clothes that have a tendency of losing color make sure you soak them in vinegar for a few minutes before you wash them. The last important bit of the use of vinegar in laundry is that, when washing baby’s laundry make sure you mix the water with vinegar. This helps break the uric acid in babies clothing thus making them fresh.

I am sure by now you may have notice that once you clean your windows using plain water some streaks are left on the window. To avoid this streaks mix the water with some vinegar and use a soft clothing to wash the window. This will not leave any marks on the window. In the case of wooden furniture, especially on tables, ring stains caused by mainly wet glasses can also be removed by a mixture of vinegar and olive oil. The mixture should be of equal volume of each substance.

You might be wondering how vinegar can be used in the lawn or backyard but it actually has several uses. It can be used to kill grass that is growing along the side walk, kill weeds and it can also be used to increase plant the case of killing grass and weeds it can be achieved by pouring the vinegar directly on the unwanted plant. If you want to add plant nutrients using vinegar just mix some vinegar with water and irrigate your crops normally.

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