The One-Chore-a-Day Method

For the most part, people don't like to clean house. It cuts into time for other things, it can be boring, and it's a lot of work. Calling maid services can be a big help, but there are still those in-between cleaning and organization projects that need to be completed.

Have you ever thought of scheduling just one chore a day? In addition to your everyday chores, try just adding one extra project, and work at it for less than 30 minutes. Inspired by the Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen, here are some ideas of one-chore projects to work on:

Laundry Day

Wash all of the clothes that you can in a single day. Since most of your time is spent waiting for the washer and dryer, the biggest chore will be folding. Do fold immediately out of the dryer, though—this will prevent wrinkles and keep you from ending up with a huge pile of clothes to fold all at once.

Bathroom Day

Clean bathrooms, as much as you can possibly do in 30 minutes. Scrub the bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. Sweep (or dry mop) the floor and wash it. Clean the mirror, clean out the medicine cabinet and under the sink, and change out the towels for clean ones. You'll be amazed by what you can accomplish in just half an hour!

Organize Something

Pick a spot that needs organizing and jump into it. Desk looking a little heavy with papers? Sort through them and put them away. Pantry full of food you're never going to eat or in desperate need of some sorting? Get in there and sort it out. Refrigerator turning into a laboratory? Don't wait any longer, go ahead and get the refrigerator clean. It won't take as long as you think, and you will be proud and relieved when it's through!

House cleaning in one chore a day—it's a great idea!

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