Tips for Cleaning Furniture

If you've ever sat on a chair only to find yourself covered in pet hair, you already know the importance of keeping furniture clean. While keeping your furniture clean is probably part of your normal housekeeping already, here are three extra tricks you can use for clean, guest-ready furniture:

1. Use the sticky side. Pet hair is one of the most annoying cleaning hassles when it comes to your furniture. You can vacuum over and over again, and yet it seems like you never get all of the hair. Put the vacuum away for pet hair and use the sticky side of duct tape or a lint roller. It's quick, easy, and won't leave hair behind!

2. Vacuum regularly. Unfortunately, the lint roller won't pull dust from inside the fabric, and dust loves to settle down inside the fibers of your furniture. The best way to keep this from becoming a problem is to vacuum your furniture every time you pull out the vacuum. A good maid service does this automatically as part of their cleaning plan.

3. Baby wipes for your furniture. Too much moisture on furniture can actually promote mold growth, and that's the last thing you want. If you have a stain or a spot that needs to be scrubbed, grab a baby wipe. They do a great job of cleaning, use very little moisture, and the cleanser in them is enough to do the job without damaging the fabric.

Whether you want the house clean for yourself and your family or for the guests you anticipate (or don't!), a few little tricks can help you keep the house looking nice all the time.

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