Upgrade Your Interior Moulding to Add Visual Appeal

You dedicate your precious time to home cleaning and in making it visually appealing. Unfortunately, some things just cannot get clean enough to look new or refreshing, such as trim or moulding. Problems like scratches, breakage, fading, etc. take away from your cleaning efforts in a visually appealing way.

When shopping for moulding, there are several things you should know. Material, finishes, types, and design are all important. Below is a breakdown of each aspect to help you find the right moulding for your interior needs.

Materials are the first important aspect to look into. Moulding, also known as trim, is available in many materials including oak, pine, polar, cedar, polymers, polyurethane, fiberboard, etc. Oak is strong and provides durability. Polar is a soft wood and is fairly inexpensive. Fiberboard is wooden fibers to form a product and look like wood when painted, but can break easier since it is made of individual, tiny fibers.

The second thing to consider is design. You can easily find plain moulding that is flat with a slight curve upward. If you are looking for something fancy, you can find routed designs and even imprinted designs. When shopping around, you will see all the options available in design.

The third thing to look into is the finishes. Many finishes are available, including various stain color tones, pre-painted options—usually white though, and primed options—ready for painting to your needs. Some materials only have some options though, like fiberboard does not have stain options and vinyl is often pre-finished.

Now you are ready to brighten up your interior rooms and make your cleaning efforts look worthwhile! Take some time to explore all the options so that you will be completely satisfied in the end.

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