A Helping Hand

A nine-year project at UCLA resulted in some eye-opening information about American life, including what has become a standard problem in American households: clutter. Clutter was shone to cause both anxiety and depression at fairly high levels. 

Combine that with busy work, family, and holiday schedules and things get a little harder for everyone trying to keep stress at bay. The good news is, you can give a gift that will boost happiness not only now, but for a while to come!

Do you know someone who is extremely busy and could use a hand? Offer to help out by taking on one of these tasks—lightening the load and allowing them to get some work, holiday projects, or decluttering completed will do wonders for their holiday cheer—and yours.

1. Clean the house. If it’s someone close to you who wouldn’t mind a hand, pitch in a couple of hours to help with some house cleaning tasks: straighten, fold clothes, or wash dishes. If you don’t think they would be comfortable with that, a maid service gift card is a great idea!

2. Make something tasty. For that busy, stressed out person in your life, cooking dinner is probably just another thing on their already heavy task list.

Make a casserole to take over as a thoughtful holiday gesture, and make things a little easier.

3. Babysit. If you have kids of your own (or if you don’t, but you’re willing to hang out with some!), offer to babysit for busy parents. An afternoon to finish some cleaning or work projects or a night out with a spouse can do wonders for someone’s mood!

The best gifts aren’t necessarily the ones you get in bags and packages, but the ones given with thought, cheer, and good will. Happy Holidays from The Maids Columbus!

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