Year in Review: Targeting Your Weakness

This is the last post of 2012, and it’s a good chance to look back at your year in terms of house cleaning. Is your house cleaner this year than it was last year? Or not so much? If you’re already overwhelmed by the prospect of house cleaning in 2013, get things off to the right start with a call to maid services.

But once your house is clean, how will you keep it clean? By looking back on the past year, you can target your cleaning weakness and turn it into your greatest strength. Where do you struggle the most? It could be clutter, dish washing, laundry, or keeping the bathroom clean. Whatever it is, make that your primary goal for the next month and see what happens!

Making Your Weakness Your Priority

The way to do this is pretty straightforward, but will be hard to implement at first. Generally, if you have a cleaning weakness, it’s because there’s some chore you dislike doing so much, you don’t do it. In order to take control of it, you will have to do that chore even on the days you really don’t want to.

If you can do that, though; you’ll see a big improvement in your cleaning, and if you can turn it into a habit, you will see your house stay cleaner all year long!

  • If dishes are your weakness, make a commitment to leave no dirty dishes in the house over night.
  • If clothes are the problem, try to connect laundry to something you like to do. For instance, fold clothes while you watch TV or start the washing machine between chapters of your book.
  • Clutter the issue? Before you leave any room, return everything to the place it belongs and remove anything that goes in a different room.

For any of your cleaning hang-ups, the goal is to work it into your routine. If you have a problem keeping a particular room clean, make it the first room you clean every time. Do this, and 2013 will be the year you conquer your cleaning weakness!

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