An Incredible, Organized Laundry Room

What's your least favorite part of housekeeping? A surprisingly large number of people seem to come back to at last one aspect of doing the laundry—some dislike the washing and waiting part while others feel clumsy and bored during folding.

If your laundry room was a little more inviting, though; it might be possible to overlook the tasks you don't like. How can you make a laundry room less chaotic and maybe a place you won't mind going? It comes down to a few simple concepts!


The biggest key to a good laundry room is organization. If you have to sort through a pile of clothes only to go hunting for detergent or bleach, laundry has already started wasting your time! Staying organized will be a huge help. When you're looking for organization in your laundry room, consider these things:

  • The right tools: bins, baskets, shelves. When everything is kept in its own basket, you're more likely to find it in a snap!
  • Containers for your detergent: This is one little step that will make your laundry room look clean and pulled-together: Find some beautiful containers, then pour your detergent into one of these containers. It will not only look prettier, but you'll also be able to refill it easily.
  • Out-of-Reach: If you have young children or pets, you need to keep more dangerous chemicals or tools out of reach. A high shelf will certainly help.

Design and Personal Touches

If you wash clothes, you spend a decent amount of time every week in the laundry room, so just like the rest of the rooms in your home, it should reflect that you live there. To really make your home an envy, here are some ideas:

  • Don't limit curtains to windows! Curtains can also be used to cover washing machines and dryers or as sink skirts.
  • Hang some pictures, inspirational quotes, mirrors, or other decorative items in your laundry room. It's okay if you're the only one who sees them—they'll keep you going, and that's the point.

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