A Look Inside a Designer’s House

When you’re doing your housekeeping and looking at your own house, do you wonder what a designer would do in your home? What if you could take a look inside a designer’s house and see what they do in their own space?

Sometimes you can, like when Elle Décor took a look inside designer S. Russell Groves’ home. While it would be difficult to mimic his level of decorating skill, there are a few things to take from his designs that can be used in your own home:

1. Pairing complexity with simplicity. When your room or your home includes dynamic, interesting elements that bring depth to a space, it creates an intentional design, a room that gets the attention it deserves. However, you can keep complex elements in a simplistic design, creating a balance that keeps everything looking clean and elegant.

2. Blend styles. Groves blended some of the more traditional architectural aspects of his home with his own personal taste, changing out things here and there while leaving other things in tact. It’s okay—and much more interesting—to combine different styles.

3. Size matters. The space of the room matters in terms of how you furnish and decorate it. For instance, finding a sofa that fit the space without overwhelming it and a super slim table that made the sofa looked balanced helped make the whole room look more spacious. Remember, as well: light colors help make a room look bigger, so if you’re working with a small room, add a light color to help reflect light in the room.

4. Use different materials and textures. The way a person experiences a space extends to all of their senses, including touch. Differing textures and materials like metals used correctly can create a more tactile experience of a room, making it that much more inviting.

5. Be thoughtful with lighting. Lighting can be used to create interest and depth in a space, but don’t just throw lighting fixtures into a room. Being thoughtful with lighting means looking at how the brightness and angle of the light affect the space, and only using it if it creates a look or highlights an aspect you really like. 

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