Bedroom Storage Ideas That Cost Less than $100 to Implement

masterbedroomrevBedroom should be a haven for relaxing at the end of the day. You need to look for smart storage ideas that you can use to reduce clutter. Today, we look at some storage solutions that cost less than $100 to implement.

Under ground floor storage: This is one of the most classic storage ideas that have been used for more than one century now. All you need to do is create an under-floor compartment or box for storing confidential personal items. To hide it, ensure that the top surface resembles the other sections of the floor.

Downsize furniture: If you have a small bedroom, all furniture apart from the bed should be scaled down to reduce visual clutter. As you do so, go for pieces of furniture that offer multiple storage options such as open shelf and drawers.

Install hooks on closet door: There is no guarantee that all your clothes will fit in the closet. No need to worry, you can create more space by install hooks on the inner section of the door for hanging various clothes such as night dresses and pajamas.

Get a bookshelf: If you love reading a book before sleeping, it is important to invest in a spacious bookshelf for store all your books. Leaving them on the side bed table will just make your room disorganized. There are available in different sizes and designs to suit the diverse clients’ needs. As you choose, consider the amount of space available on your walls to avoid purchasing one that is too small or too large.

Finally, you can purchase a bed that has side drawers for storing small items. Storage bags can also be placed under the bed or at the top part of the wardrobe so as to create floor space for other bedroom accessories. If you need help with housekeeping, The Maids of Columbus can help while you focus on better organization and save some space too!

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