How to Remove Common Kid Markings on Painted Walls

crayon-strokes-background-1013tm-bkg-655Small children love the sound and magic of creating markings when scribbling on the walls. The motion and sudden appearance of a line is very exciting for toddlers, but the damage done to walls may disappoint or even anger a caregiver. While it may be hard to keep your walls mark free without housekeeping services like The Maids of Columbus in Ohio, you can use the following guide to remove common stains.

Ink fromPens and Markers

Pens and markers are the most commonly used tools by toddlers to express their creativity on your walls. There are several ways to remove the ink from painted wall, including:

  • Rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and wiping it on the stain until it disappears
  • Soaking a cotton ball with your hairspray and then rubbing it gently over the mark
  • Applying some toothpaste on the mark, leaving it for 10 minutes, and then washing it off with water
  • Rubbing a cotton ball containing some eucalyptus oil directly on the mark


Kids also like to apply crayon on your painted walls, but you can remove it by following these steps:

  • Use a small plastic spoon to gently scrape off some of the wax
  • Take a piece of cloth, sprinkle some bicarb soda on it, and use it to rub over the mark
  • Wipe off the stain with a damp cloth

In case there is still some crayon reside remaining, you can just rub it off with a cotton ball dipped in eucalyptus oil.

Dirty Fingerprints

The best way to remove dirty fingerprints is by wiping down your walls with a solution containing equal portions of warm water and white vinegar - like 1/2 cup of each. Alternatively, run on the fingerprints using a cotton ball with eucalyptus oil.

Grease Marks

You can remove grease marks using the vinegar/water solution mentioned above. You can also splash some lemon juice to remove stubborn grease marks.

For general wall cleaning, you can wash them down using sugar soap, or spray the walls with lavender oil solution and wipe off with pantyhose.

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