Before and After: Halloween Part Clean Up

There will be many Halloween parties this year, and if you're hosting one, you will likely be trying to get things clean both before and after your event. Housekeeping services can help with both of these, but there are a few things you can do to make the whole process easier and neater.

Before the Party

Anytime you expect guests in your home, there are a few steps you can take to make your home welcoming without taxing yourself:

1. Do the real cleaning a few days before. Do this yourself or hire a maid service, but by doing it in the days before, you will leave only a little bit of straightening the day of.

2. Pay special attention the areas in which your guests will spend the most time. If your friends are likely to go into your refrigerator to get a drink, make sure you clean it out before the party. Focus on the living room or dining room if that's where you anticipate guests spending their time.

3. Provide clean towels and a new roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. It's one extra step that will ensure everyone at your party feels comfortable.

After the Party

When your guests start to leave or the party's dying down, go ahead and do these quick clean-ups to make the next day a little easier:

1. Put away food immediately. Food left out for too long--especially dips or sauces--will begin to harden to the dishes. Put away the food and drop the dishes in some warm, soapy water.

2. Pour out drinks. Unless flat beer or old fruit punch are your favorite aromas, you're probably going to want to do this one pretty quickly. Also, by collecting and dumping drinks sooner, you will be less likely to get spills from people accidentally knocking over cups and glasses.

3. Clean up the obvious messes. Get a handheld vacuum and a rag and quickly take care of the little, unavoidable messes. This will keep things from staining or getting ground into the floor or carpet, making the next day clean up that much better.

Enjoy your Halloween party in a house that's clean before and after!

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