Cleaning Tools You Didn't Know You Had

There are some house cleaning tools that don't look much like they belong in your cleaning kit but do an effective job on certain tasks—these creative uses of everyday items are clever (and useful!). While there are many things in your home you could be using to help with cleaning, here are three of our favorites:

Newspaper is surprisingly absorbent and tends to minimize odors. A tool like that is an extremely big help, but there is a specific application to make your kitchen much more pleasant: spread out newspapers in the bottom of your trash can. Anything that leaks, falls out, or drips will land on the newspaper, keeping your garbage can much cleaner and helping to keep odors at bay.

Dryer sheets can actually be used for a lot of different applications. As cleaners go, they rank high on the list. In addition to making your clothes softer and less clingy, they can also prevent dust from gathering on your electronics (wipe them down with a dry dryer sheet—the residue left behind resists dust!).

If that wasn't enough, they can also clean stuck on food off of pots. Soak a pot with a dryer sheet over night, and just wash it clean in the morning. The stuck-on parts should come off much more easily.

Baby oil is an interesting new addition to our list, but this smart idea from All You seems like one worth trying. Baby oil (they recommend lemon oil if you don't have baby oil) acts as a sealant on your bathroom fixtures. The next time you clean your shower or sink, rub it with a layer of baby oil. This causes water to bead up and run off more readily!

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