How to Handle the Little Things

You know that junk drawer that's overflowing with—well, everything? Inside are small tools, coupons, recipes, random rubber bands, twist ties, batteries, candy, and some things you can no longer identify! It's handy for quick housekeeping to handle the small items that otherwise wouldn't have a home, so you don't have to abandon your junk drawer to have a neater space, just bring a little bit of order to the chaos!

Joyful Homemaking discovered a great idea for organizing batteries, and its a tip that can be altered and applied to lots of little things. Here's how to use her method to straighten out that drunk drawer:

First: A Box (or Two)

Ideally, you're going to want a couple of shallower boxes that will fit in your junk drawer. Alternatively, you can move your junk drawer out of the drawer altogether, and just use a bigger box on its own. Whichever you choose, find a box size that suits what you're putting into it.

Second: Nesting

The key to this method is nesting—small containers inside a bigger container. You can use cups, smaller boxes, or jars for this (baby food jars are great for holding little things!). Just arrange your choice inside the box without leaving too much room between the containers to keep them from getting knocked over inside the box.

Third: Organizing

Anytime you organize, you're going to want to start by throwing out what you don't need (that coupon is expired anyway!) and grouping like items. For instance, you might put all of the rubber bands in one jar, all the hard candies in another, and the loose double A batteries in a third. For tools and larger things that don't fit in the containers, leave them neatly beside your box.

This will take some maintenance. Avoid the temptation to just start throwing things in—take a few seconds to put everything it its appropriate place! 

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