Cord Keeping: Organzing Your Tech for Safety and Function

Perhaps you hire a maid service, and your house is clean and neat, without dust or dirt or random odors. What about behind your desk or TV? If you glance back there and it's a mess of cords, you could be looking at a fire hazard.

It can be daunting to think about organzing all of those cords, but do it right one time and you'll be better for it in the long run.

How to Organize Your Cords

1. Untangle. This will be the most time consuming part of the task if your cords have been neglected for a long time. Sit down and begin to unwind them from each other until you can clearly see which cord goes to which electronic.

2. Label. Once you've untangled your cords and you know where each of them lead, use a permanent silver marker or a piece of masking tape to label each cord for convenience later. You'll never have to guess whether or not you're unplugging the right one!

3. Group & Bind. Keep cords that go to similar areas and similar plugs together, and then use electrical tape or a zip tie to group them together. This will both keep them in a central location and prevent tangling.

Final tips: Be aware of where your cords go. Is there a heat source? Are they likely to get wet? Consider moving them if the answer to either of these is yes. Invest in surge protectors, and keep them clear of debris and dust.

Not only will this make house cleaning easier as you won't have to work around a pile of cords, it will also be safer for you and your family.

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