Creating a Carpet Cleaning Routine

Having a carpet in your house not only keeps the house clean but also makes the house more attractive. Carpet cleaning leaves your house free of dust and molds that could lead to health complications and allergies.

A carpet cleaning routine is important in making your house clean and ensures sufficient fresh air circulates in the house. To ensure a clean carpet the following routines are indispensable.

Divide your carpet into sections: This routine is mostly important when it comes to wall to wall carpets. The vacuum phase of carpet cleaning should follow sectional cleaning to ensure that you clean all areas following a particular order. This routine is more thorough and leaves your carpet sparkling.

Clean up spills immediately: The next important carpet cleaning routine is cleaning up the mess immediately it happens. This routine helps to eliminate the need to shampoo and clean up the entire carpet due to a single spill.

Use an inconspicuous test area: This carpet cleaning routine is indispensable if your carpet is to have a longer life. When applying the cleaning shampoo and other agents, it is an important routine to test the cleaning liquids to prevent discoloring visible areas.
Scratching and blotting: Ensure that you first blot the carpet or the spill area with a dry hard brush to ease the cleaning process and reduce the use of cleaning agents and shampoos.

Always make it your routine to clean the carpet outwardly. This prevents spreading the stain to other parts of the carpet and ensures that unscathed areas remain so. Always use a clean bath towel to dry the carpet and prevent the carpet from becoming damp.

To conclude, it is important to stick to your cleaning routine. It is prudent to have door mats that will arrest all the dirt before it gets to the main carpet. Make it a weekly routine to vacuum your house at least twice a fortnight .Clean all spills immediately to prevent them spreading to other areas. A clear cut and followed routine is indispensable if your carpet has to remain clean and attractive for many years into the future.

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