Steps Necessary to Make Your Outdoor Furniture Look Good as New

When you want to improve the outdoor part of your property, one of the important things to do is revive your outdoor furniture. This type of furniture can face rough treatment because of bad weather and other factors. Before you start to do anything, you must to know two things: the tools you need and the steps to follow. You don’t necessarily have to buy new furniture when you can use some cheap tools to revive it and make it look like new.

Step One: Establish What You Need

In most cases, you will need spray paint, spray for stains, sand paper, a paint remover, and a dry cloth. The paint can be removed using a paint stripper from surfaces like wood or metal. The spray paint can be used to revive the look of chairs, couches, benches or tables.

Step Two: Repair the Damaged Furniture

Maybe a piece of your table or chair has been broken. Now it is time to make any repairs that are needed to be ready to go to the next step.

Step Three: Perform the Cleaning

All the parts of the furniture have to be cleaned. There are various tools to use for cleaning, according to each type of material: fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, metal, or wood. You may have to peel off or sand down the paint from wood surfaces. Metal furniture can be cleaned using a wire brush. Everything that remains can be wiped out using the dry cloth you prepared in step one.

Step Four: Prepare the Furniture for Staining or Painting

After all the surfaces have been cleaned, they have to be prepared. For applying paint, you need to make surfaces rough or use a primer. While metal may already be prepared due to wire brush cleaning, plastic surfaces should be brushed as well. Wood can be either primed for painting, or just stained, as it depends on the needs of each wooden surface.

Step Five: Staining or Painting the Furniture

This is the final step and the one that will make your outdoor furniture come alive again. You can choose from different tints and translucency levels for wood staining. Onapplied stains, a polyurethane coating can be applied for added protection. Some outdoor stains have coatings or other types of protection incorporated within them.

Metal surfaces have to be painted using a paint designed for metal materials. You have many options with colors and can mix a couple too. The gloss level can also be selected. If you want surfaces that are easier to clean and are more protected, you should choose a higher gloss level. The only disadvantage can be the risk of cracking, but it rarely happens. For fiberglass, vinyl, and plastic; you can use paint or primer just as you did for metal.

Final Considerations

After finishing the final step, the results may be better than what you would come to expect. If you have the patience to perform each step properly, your outdoor furniture can look exactly as it would be if it were new. With this strategy, buying new furniture will become an unnecessary step and the savings can be spent on the family, on a wonderful vacation, or even for hiring a house cleaning service to give you more time for more important things in life. The Maids of Columbus in Worthington, OH can give you that extra time and make your home look close to new, just like your newly revived outdoor furniture!

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