Cutting Down Clutter by Making Little Changes

If clutter starts to pile up, you may start to feel overwhelmed and like getting it under control is hopeless. The key is to keep it from piling up at all, making the clutter you have easier to tackle and preventing future clutter.

A few small habit changes can make a big difference in your house cleaning!

Sort Mail Immediately

Sorting mail is often something you might put off. Unfortunately, throwing a stack of mail on the counter might lead to it being shuffled around a lot before its actually dealt with and will just add to clutter.

To prevent piles of paper from stacking up, go through the mail as soon as you walk in the door with it. Throw the junk mail away and make a home for your letters and bills. This will reduce the chances of finding a sales paper lurking on your counter, table, or in a drawer for months!

Put Things Away

If you have children, you probably have said this a few times: “Put that back where you found it!” It’s easy to forget that it still applies to adults, too; though.

As you finish with something, put it back where you found it, or if it was in the wrong place to begin with, back where it goes!

Putting things away as you go will keep everything in its place, and clutter will stay to a minimum if this becomes a habit.

Donate Often

Keep a box around, and mark it as “give away.” When you’re quickly going through and cleaning, you might see an item you don’t plan to use, but think, “I’ll leave it here for now.” Nip that in the bud by taking it immediately to the give away box.

Once the box is full, find a place to donate and drop it off. If you keep this going, not only will you end up keeping clutter down, you’ll help a lot of charities in the process!

Keep Dishes Out of the Sink

If you find yourself piling dishes in the sink only to come back and realize how big a chore washing them will be, you aren’t alone, and this tip is for you! Get your family in the habit of putting dishes in the dishwasher as you finish with them. Once the dishwasher is full, wash them and immediately put them away to free up the dishwasher for new dishes.

If you don’t use a dishwasher, ask everyone to wash their dish as they finish with it. Washing one dish takes just a minute and will keep your kitchen looking neat. In addition, you’ll always have a clean dish when you need it!

Blitz Before Bed

Before you go to bed, do a “blitz clean.” A blitz is “a sudden attack,” and if it helps to picture it like that, do it! Right before going to bed, go through each room as quickly as possible, throwing away any trash and putting away things that have been left out.

This shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes, and when you wake up to a mostly tidy house, you will be glad you took the time.

Recruit Some Help

Of course, sometimes life just gets busy. Work overwhelms you, family and friends need you, and sometimes you just need a break.

If you need some help catching up, look to local cleaning services to help you get everything back under control. Starting with a clean house will also make it easier to implement these habits and keep you free of clutter.

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