Disinfecting Toys Naturally

Children drag toys across floors and through dirt every day. Little ones bite and mouth whatever they can get their hands on, and you might worry about germs. When you're housekeeping, you may want to disinfect your kids' toys to keep them from spreading germs.

The old standard for cleaning toys included a water and bleach mixture, but often parents are uncomfortable introducing bleach into the scenario. Here are some ways to disinfect your plastic toys without bleach to give your children clean, safe toys every time:

Vinegar & Water - Vinegar is a completely natural disinfectant and works wonderfully on most surfaces. To disinfect toys with vinegar, you can either put a vinegar/water mixture into a spray bottle, spray the toys, and then wipe them with a cloth, or you can fill a small tub with vinegar and water, soak the toys, and then wipe dry. The vinegar smell and taste will disappear once the toys are dry!

Dishwasher - This is a great option, especially if your dishwasher has a "sanitize" setting. Put dishwasher-safe toys (no batteries or electrical components!) on the top rack and run on the sanitize setting as you normally would.

Steam sanitizer - If you have a lot of toys or feel the need to sanitize often, a small steam sanitizer might be a worthwhile purchase. Small toys fit inside and are steamed to kill germs.

For soft toys, place the toys in a pillowcase and wash on the gentle cycle of your washing machine, and for wooden toys, a simple cloth with a tiny bit of the vinegar/water mixture will be enough.

If you want a clean, hygenic house for the rest of your family but don't have the time to put into it, local maid services can help!

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