Simple Ways to Decorate Your House or Dorm

This weekend, many university students made their way back to campuses and dorms across the country. Whether you’re a student looking for a way to make your dorm room feel like home or a homeowner trying to bring some freshness to your house, start with a good house cleaning, and then try these decorating ideas:

1. The Perfect Tablecloth. When you want a fresh, new look for your kitchen or dining room, a tablecloth is one of the fastest ways to change the feel of the room. A small tablecloth can even be used to cover a flat desk for a colorful touch to any dorm. They’re easy to change out, as well, to fit the season or your mood.

2. The Right Light. Don’t underestimate the power of light in a room! If you have a source of natural light in the room, make sure the windows are clean (local housekeeping services can help with this!), and then find a way to accent that with a sheer curtain or one you can pull back away from the window for a striking contrast. In the evening, take a good look at your light bulbs. If you want your room brighter, you can use a higher wattage; if you want the room to be a little dimmer, switch to a lower wattage.

3. A Pillow Case. If you like to change things around a lot for the season, guest, or event, pillows are a quick, easy way to do it. Start with throw pillows for your couch or bed, and build a collection you can switch out. For an even more affordable option and the most versatile selection, find or make pillow cases to fit your throw pillows. Change them out whenever you want a different look!

4. A Fresh Touch. A nice bowl and the fresh fruit, vegetables, or fresh or decorative flowers you already have on hand can be the perfect accent to your dining or coffee table. Look for other areas of your home as places to put little details, as well: a flower, crystal bowl, or vase can add an inviting touch to any room.

5. Getting Artsy. If you’re not a crafter or painter, art might not be your thing, but don’t let it keep you from decorating your walls like it is! Find an affordable art print and a frame you love, or take photographs of family and arrange them in matching frames.

Whatever room you’re decorating, there are easy, affordable ways to get exactly what you want!

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