Four Tips for Organizing the Pantry

Organization is an important part of house cleaning. Having your items organized means you will always find what you need.

One of the places that gets out of hand quickly is the pantry or kitchen cabinets. Groceries come in, food goes out, and pretty soon everything is out of place!

Here are some tips for organizing your pantry and keeping it clean:

1. Before starting this project, make a plan.

Decide what you want your pantry to look like. Is it something everyone’s going to see, or just you and your family? What items do you use most, and where do you want those things kept? If you have a vision of what you want before you begin, it will give you something to work towards. 

2. Whenever it seems reasonable to do so, use containers.

If you’ve ever had a pack of crackers go stale from sitting open in the cabinet, this is something you will welcome. For open bags and containers, specifically ones that can’t be resealed, use containers, preferably see-through. This way, you’ll waste less food, groceries will last longer, and you’ll know when it’s time to buy more.

3. Especially if you use containers, make labels.

One of the best reasons for organizing a pantry is to find the things you need. If everything is labeled, or stored with the label showing, you will not have to wonder what’s in the mystery container—you can find anything you want at a glance.

4. Make a system to keep like items together.

Categorize for yourself—put baking-related things together in one place, cereals in another. Put snacks in a basket together or store canned vegetables and sauces together. This way, even if you don’t remember exactly where a certain item is, you’ll know where to look for it!

Housekeeping might be effort, but it’s worth it! If you need help getting started or keeping your home clean without stressing yourself out, consider hiring a maid service to give you a hand. 

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