Freshening Your Décor With What You Have

One of the best ways to add something new to your home doesn’t actually involving adding anything at all—many times, you can give your home a new look with things you already have in your house.

Sometimes, a thorough house cleaning is all you need to feel refreshed in your home, but if you’re looking for that something extra, try these ideas that will cost you absolutely nothing!

Plants. Fresh plants in a house can instantly make it feel more thoughtfully decorated and much more fresh. This doesn’t have to be flowers, though it can be! Do you have a bush, flower, or other plant in your yard that can provide a splash of green or color to your home?

Tips for cutting plants for vases: once you bring the plants inside, cut the ends off under running water.

Repurpose. Take a look at the things you have—can you make them work in different ways? There are amazing ways to repurpose almost any item, and there are hundreds of creative people who have posted their creative repurposing solutions online!

Place a sturdy, old-fashioned suitcase on a stand, and it becomes a decorative bed side table. Turn baskets into rustic vases, a desk into a headboard, a bench into dining room seating—look at your things a new way, and you might find a hundred different uses for things in your house.

Move Things! Just because you bought a lamp for your bedroom doesn’t mean it has to stay there—if your décor has changed and the lamp will look amazing in your living room, move it!

From furniture pieces like tables and chairs to accessories like curtains and pillows, don’t be afraid to move things from room to room for something completely new. 

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