Three Tips for Fresh Summer Entertaining

If you’re eager to invite your friends and family over for a summer get-together, you aren’t alone! Summer is a great time for entertaining, but getting started with the planning might leave you stumped.

Have maid services get your house party-ready, then try some new things this year to make your summer party an event everyone will remember. Here are three ideas to get you started:

Charity. It’s not at all uncommon for guests to bring a host or hostess gift. If you have a charity that means a lot to you, change up your approach this year—in the invitation, include a note that asks your guests to donate to the charity in lieu of a gift.

If you want to keep it discrete, supply the link to the website where they can donate when you invite.

Outdoor Lighting. Set your tiki torches to the side and go a little bit out of the way to add outdoor lighting fixtures to your party. More and more frequently, homeowners are adding chandeliers, sconces, or pendant lights to their outdoor spaces. Don’t have an outdoor roof space? Try outdoor floor lamps!

Get Inspired. When you’re looking for ideas for your party, think of the things you like or look around for things that catch your attention: it could be a color like white, yellow, or lilac. It could be a piece of art with a color combination you fell in love with. Maybe it’s a pattern you can work into your theme—whatever the spark, take it and run with it!

There are parties that feature everything from rainbows to popular TV shows, and finding what you like will allow you—and your guests—to enjoy your get together that much more!

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