Get More Organized and Reduce Clutter

For the most part, there is no home that doesn’t have any clutter whatsoever. Even if it is just in a closet or a cabinet; clutter still exists. You are busy enough as it is with trying to squeeze in regular house cleaning duties within your busy schedule. Nevertheless, the dining room table collects mail, keys, cell phone chargers, magazines, tools, and other temporarily used items. The living room table gets bombarded with papers, remotes, small toys, pens, cords, drinks, and other commonly used products. The office desk can pile up too with things like staplers, pens, notepads, computer cables, phone chargers, headphones, mail, jewelry, and many other commonly “awaiting use” items. These situations can happen anywhere in the home. Take a look at your home entertainment center. What is on top of it? What is sitting on the shelves? What is in the cabinet doors? Chances are; there are a variety of things there. Nevertheless, here are a couple things you can do to help control clutter and you will find that you have more space too!

Coat and Hat Racks

This idea has a goal to make things more efficient when needed by providing easy access to coats and hats. Instead of having to hunt around for that one coat you like or that hat you want to wear, it could become easily available on a coat and hat rack. Many households have tons of coats and tons of hats. These items tend to get scattered around the home and you usually find a coat on a chair or a hat on a table or underneath a bed. The racks can eliminate pileups or clutter from any room. If you want to take it a step further, you could have one for each bedroom too, especially if each member of the household has tons of outdoor wearable clothing. On a creativity note, they can also be used for scarfs, cords, baby pocket organizers, hanging storage units, and may other applications or products. This can save a lot of space and make things easier to get to.


This idea is pretty universal. Use it for toys, collectibles, shoes, seasonal clothes, rarely used kitchen devices or tools, books, puzzles, outdoor toys, landscaping tools, household tools, and many other products. The biggest advantage here is that totes stack. Imagine how much more free space you can have in any given room. Grab some masking tape or a labeler and you can label each tote for easier access.

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