How to Deal With Pet Hair in Your Home

7173-101413-gs7173For those with furry family members finding hair all around the house is a common experience. Cleaning up pet hair can take too much of your time as you try to keep your house tidy. Below are some of the ways you can deal with pet hair in your home more effectively:

Pet Hair Rollers

There are many pet hair rollers available. They easily fit in your hand and you can roll them along just about any surface to grab pet hair. They work great for those quick pick-ups, especially when you do not have a lot of time to clean up. In addition, you can easily get replacement rollers when they are used up.

Furniture Covers

Furniture covers are a great way to protect from pet hair. Having covers on your chairs and couch is quite convenient. You can simply replace or wash the covers if they get too much hair.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier will capture airborne pet hair, debris, dust and even grab allergens. Normally, the more expensive the floor models the better they tend to do the job. Also, be aware of the square footage that the purifier is effective for, as the larger your home is the bigger unit you will need.

Pet Hair Vacuums

You can also get a vacuum specifically designed to handle everyday debris as well as pet hair. There are different models from different manufacturers, and some of these models may work better than others. It is best to do some research before selecting the right one for your home.

No matter which way works best for you, pet hair can seem overwhelming. If that is the case, you could always hire The Maids of Columbus in Worthington, Ohio to assist in your housekeeping needs.

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