Homemade Glass Cleaner

There are numerous companies that specialize in glass cleaners. Though there are plenty of products in the market for us to use, many people have opted for homemade glass cleaner. The reasons include:

  • Avoiding use of toxic substances – unfortunately, most of over-the-counter products have harmful chemicals in them. 
  • Saving money – most of readymade products are expensive compared to when you made your own.
  • To know the ingredients in your product – glass cleaning is not that hard, but the major problem is achieving a squeaky clean end result. The compounds used to make the products can affect your glass in one way or another.

There are various recipes for homemade glass cleaner, below is a simple recipe that will come in handy when you have some windows or glass materials to clean.


  • A cup of water
  • A cup of rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tablespoon vinegar
  • 8 drops of essential oil – this is an optional ingredient, it is used purposely to deal with the vinegar smell that is not always pleasant.


  • Cautiously mix the ingredients in the clean empty spray bottle. Ensure that you do not reuse a bottle that still contains some kind of cleaner in it; this can be disastrous and cause you more money than you would have saved.
  • As I had stated earlier, it’s a simple procedure. Now using the mixture, spray on your glass as you wipe with a soft sponge.

Of course, you have to be cautious by keeping it safe and away from children.


  • For shiny and streak-free mirrors, after the initial wipe you can use a newspaper to do a final wipe. Leaves you glass clear and sparkly.

You have definitely learned how simple and cost-effective this can be and all of the ingredients are natural without any negative effects to the environment or human life. So next time you need to glass clean, use the above recipe and experience the benefits that only come with homemade glass cleaner.

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