Aromatherapy for a relaxed home

Aromatherapy for your home is a practice you can use to not only make your living space smell better but to transport you to times you were happier or bring you daily memories of a loved one. A proper scent will also help you be calmer in a stressful situation. You would also be saving a bundle on expensive air fresheners as well as allergy medicine.

As we start off on this relaxing journey of aromatherapy we need to learn which essential oils to use in which rooms. For example rose, ylang ylang and jasmine would be ideal for use in the bedroom for their soothing sensual scents while using peppermint and sage in a home office would be more beneficial for you. Also as many people today carry their work home, having lavender and lime filling the air will help prepare you for the restful night you so much require after a long day.

There are various modes of application while using aromatherapy. Vaporizers and diffusers which may be electric or plug-in, electric air fresheners which can be refilled, candle lamps, air freshening spritzes, terra cotta diffusers, lamp rings and containers. The beautiful thing with using essential oils is that you can choose the oil you want according to its benefit and you can also choose the method of application that you find the easiest.

There are also different materials not just essential oils. Other things you can use are absolutes which are primarily from flowers, carrier oils, infusions, herbal distillates, vaporizer; these are raw herbs and phytoncides which are used to kill microbes. The material you use in your home depends on the function you wish to fulfill for example using peppermint to keep away mice and ants, lavender oil as ironing mist, or lemon essential oil to disinfect and kill germs.

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