Fun Facts About Cleaning!

Cleaning is fun, to some people and totally loathsome to others. It is said to be therapeutic too. However, it is a necessary activity in our lives. Here are some very interesting facts about cleaning and general housekeeping that will awe and fascinate you, in equal measure. 

If countries are to be arranged in order of cleanliness, Iceland tops the list as the cleanest of them all. It’s a bet the homes there have no dust to be wiped off surfaces. Speaking of dust, did you know that dust particles in our homes are actually made up of three-quarters dead skin and a quarter soil particles? It is hard to imagine that we shed off all that skin. Domestic dust is the leading cause of respiratory allergies. So go on and dust your homes. The cleaner, the better. 

Statistics show that the average woman spends almost twice as much time cleaning as the average man. While women clean up to an astounding 13,000 hours of their lives, the average man trails at just 6,500 hours of his lifetime. 30-60 seconds is the time that an anti-bacterial spray should be let to sit on a surface before it is wiped off. Spraying and wiping off the anti-bacterial spray immediately, as is the norm, leaves behind most of the germs. 

When it comes to cleaning, nature has given us an abundant variety of natural cleaning agents and disinfectants. For instance, tomato ketchup is a stain remover. It can polish tarnished brass and get rid of rust stains from fabrics. Some fruits come in handy when cleaning. A banana can polish sliver items just as the lemon can be used as a substitute disinfectant and bleaching agent. White vinegar is great for surface cleaning, counter and table tops.  

Apparently, the kitchen sink is dirtier and contains much more germs than the toilet! Weird but true. Finally, beware; a combination of white vinegar and bleach makes a deadly chemical weapon.

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