How Often Should I Clean My Windows

One of the tasks many homeowners like the least is the cleaning of windows. As a result, many people often put off this task. However, having clean windows provides a quick boost to your home’s appearance and allows more light into the house, thus cuts down the cost of energy used during winter. Clean windows prevent the building up of dirt. This helps in prolonging the life span of your windows and prevents you from replacing the windows within a short period. However, the question that one should answer is how often we should clean home windows for them to remain sparkling cleaning every time. 

Under basic considerations, you should clean your windows at least twice in one year. However, for those who live in areas with a lot of ice and snow, high pollen counts, rain and strong storm or near a factory that emits dirt, it is advisable to clean the windows after every two to three months. Even though it appears to be a challenge to many, washing windows is among the simplest domestic tasks. You only need either a soft cloth or sponge to wash your windows and a squeegee for rinsing. You need a large bucket to do this task. After washing each window, you should use horizontal squeegee blows in order to remove the liquid. Then wipe the entire edge of the window with a piece of cloth free from lint. 

In order to reduce the frequency with which you clean your home windows, switch to windows that have titanium diode embedded on their surfaces during manufacturing. These types of windows are self-cleaning and the titanium dioxide does not affect their transparency. When a self-cleaning window is exposed to sun, the titanium dioxide begins a chemical reaction, which disintegrates organic grime, such as tree sap, pollen and insects. The coating prevents water from piling up with dirt, as it spreads it out in sheets that wash off loose dirt and debris. In this case, you can do the cleaning twice a year. However, the self-cleaning windows cost between 10 and 20 percent more than the normal windows. 

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