Kids Cleaning Up

When your kids are old enough to help clean up after themselves, the house cleaning load becomes a lot lighter. There are some ways you can make their cleaning even more effective and a bigger help than you probably imagined.

Making cleaning a team effort will go a long way in making the house cleaner and nicer!

Make it Easy. The easier it is to clean up, the more likely your kids are to pitch in. There are lots of ways to make cleaning so easy, your kids won’t complain (much) once they get into the habit:

  • Keep toy containers in reach. Yes, it certainly makes it easier for children to take out more toys, but it also makes it easier for them to put toys away! Make your toy boxes or bins easy to reach and sort and store items in.
  • Give them the tools. Your child can do more for you than you probably think! Take this tip from an art teacher: create a squirt bottle for your child with a little bit of soap and water (or vinegar and water). When they get done with crafts or when you finish dinner, ask them to clean up the mess with their own squirt bottle and towel!
  • Make it personal. If you have more than one child, personalize each child’s cleaning tools. Use a permanent marker to write their names on each item, and you might consider putting them in different colored, easy-to-reach containers.

Remind Them. It’s the nature of kids to be easily distracted, so remind them as frequently as you need to clean up after themselves. The goal is for it to become a habit, and the more you encourage and remind them to do their tasks, the easier it will be for them to stick with it.

Lead by Example. Ultimately, your children are watching you, so model the behavior you want. For instance, if you are tired of them leaving dirty shoes in the middle of the floor, let them always observe you taking off your shoes by the door.

Many times, kids want to please—help them with this.

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