Reviving That Kid Swing Play Set

Outside work is as important to you as your housekeeping duties in the home. The inside is not the only area that needs to look good, but if you need more free time; you can hire The Maids of Columbus in Worthington, OH to clean your home in great detail. As for the outdoors, that swing set you put out for your children is suffering the attacks of the weather. All that rain, snow, and sunlight, as well as all the wear and tear, is eating away at it. A new looking swing set adds a very nice, playful feeling to any long as it looks great. After it starts to show the mileage, it no longer looks so charming. Sometimes, they can even look kind of creepy!

Okay, so what can be done about it? Well, you can get a bit of paint and set free the artist in you!

These are a few steps to bring that swing back to life so that you can be proud of your artistic efforts and your children will enjoy it like they used to.

1) Preparation Steps

You need the appropriate tools to get the job done and get all the surfaces ready in order to be able to paint. The first thing you should do is to buy or get wire brushes designed for paint removal and a new corded drill. Look at the packages and you will see that they say on it as to what the wire brushes can be used for. Be careful with removal discs though, because they can dig deep and may leave marks all over the surface.

2) Inspect the Play Set

Before getting started, you need to inspect the swing set to determine where rust resides. When you find it, brush it off with the wire brush or drill attachment.

3) Choose Your Paint

Paint can be found in both sprays and cans. Look for paint that is appropriate for outdoor use; that's the kind of paint that you want--the kind that has scratch resistance and high durability. If the surface is prepped correctly, you can also use paints with the primer built right in.

4) Use Painters Tape

Tape all the stuff that you don't want to paint. You should also use wide surface protectors such as plastic so that you don't waste too much tape when covering everything.

5) Painting

Now you can start to paint! For sprays, apply it in layers and slow strokes; 8 inches from the surface is good. If you bought canned paint, just brush it on. When you are done, remove all the protectors and tape before the paint is dry, otherwise when you remove the tape, the paint could come off with it.

If the paint bleeds a little bit or anything else happens, don't sweat it, it happens for pretty much everyone. Nobody will notice it anyway. Keep in mind that you are probably your worst critic because you are the one doing the deed. Doing these little things can be very rewarding and make your stress go away. What's important is that you have a good time doing this, and that your kids enjoy using their renewed playground set too!

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