Tackling Clutter: Keep It or Throw It Out?

If you’re overwhelmed by clutter, it can make house cleaning seem like an impossible chore. When you’re ready to clean, start with the clutter.

It can be hard to sort through clutter, so here are some tips on making the call about which items should stay and which should go.

When was the last time you saw it? If you come across something and think, “I forgot I even had this,” you’re probably safe to throw it out or donate it.

Anything you haven’t missed doesn’t need to be taking up room in your house, because if you haven’t missed it in the past several months, you won’t miss it long once it’s gone!

Will I ever really use this? It can be tempting to hold onto things because they’re useful—but are they useful to you? While a three hole punch might be extremely useful to a teacher, for instance, is it something you see yourself using in the near future?

If not, donate it to someone who will find lots of uses for it.

Why do I want to keep this? If you’re feeling attached to an item, take a moment to figure out why. Does it have a memory attached to it? Was it an expensive purchase? Did you have plans to use it that never came about?

Once you identify the reason you want to keep it, you can consider it in perspective. If it’s something with a heavy emotional attachment, you might want to find a special place to store it. If it was an expensive purchase, consider selling it. If you had plans you didn’t get to finish, think about how losing the clutter will make you more open to new projects.

When you think about what items to keep and throw out, consider these questions. Ultimately, you want a clean house, organized, free of clutter, and ready for whatever you want to do next.

Once you’ve lost some of your clutter, you might want to consider hiring a maid service to get you caught up on the house cleaning and to leave you with a home that gives you peace.

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