Cleaning the Microwave Naturally

Of all your appliances, your microwave is probably one of the ones you use the most. Because of its convenience, it's used for everything from making meals to heating snacks to science projects. Unfortunately, this means it gets dirty pretty quickly, and the mess left behind is often stuck-on and difficult to scrub. The best cleaning services clean your microwave for you, but if you need a little appliance therapy between cleanings, here's the best way to do it:

1. Gather the materials. Thankfully, there isn't much to this trick. You'll need 1 microwave safe glass bowl filled half full of water, 1-3 lemons, a knife, and a rag or sponge.

2. Cut the lemons and place them in the bowl of water. Cut each of the lemons in half to open up the center, then put them in the bowl of water. Do not cover, you want the bowl to stay open.

3. Place the bowl in the microwave and heat on high for 5 minutes.

4. Carefully remove the bowl and wipe the inside clean. The dirt, grease, and grime inside will wipe off with very little effort. Make sure you go back and wipe with a clean, wet rag when you're finished as a final touch.

This works because the steam of the water combined with the acidity in the lemons breaks down the bond that holds the grime in place. If the spaghetti sauce from last night's dinner or the leftover chili from your lunch today left the microwave a mess, this will get it clean every time without any hassle.

Of course, the best way to have a healthy, clean kitchen is all about maintenance. Keeping on top of cleaning yourself or by hiring a maid service will ensure you enjoy your time cooking or entertaining, and that's definitely worth it!

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