Reducing Allergens in Your Bedroom

When you have watery eyes, a frustrating cough, and a torrent of sneezes, sleeping can be difficult, if not impossible! While allergy medicines might help, the best way to give yourself a good night's sleep is to prevent allergens from taking up residence in the first place!

Frequent cleaning is the first step, and a maid service can help you stay on top of the cleaning, especially if you suffer from allergies that span spring to fall. There are additional steps you can take to make it even more comfortable in your bedroom, as well:

1. Close your windows during the months when you suffer from seasonal allergies. If your windows are open on a high-pollen day, the pollen can come into your bedroom and settle on the surfaces as dust, causing you continuous discomfort until it's cleaned.

2. Shower before bed during those same months. If you've been outside, you might have collected pollen--or, if you've been around a pet you're allergic to, dander--on your clothes and skin.

By taking a shower, you minimize the potential those allergens have to bother you while you sleep.

3. Choose your pillows wisely. Feather pillows trap dust, pollen, or dander, while foam pillows are more likely to repel it and are easier to clean. Also, an abundance of throw pillows can be a big dust collector in your room.

4. Be aware of moisture. Moisture in your home can cause mildew or mold to develop, worsening your allergies. Mold can even affect people who are otherwise allergy-free, so this is an important one to note. Check heaters and air conditioning units, windows, and sinks for leaks. If you use fresh plants in your home, make sure there's a barrier to catch moisture from watering so it doesn't soak into your carpet. A dehumidifer can be a great help to allergy sufferers, as well.

5. Clean often. Even if your room is sparse, dust is going to collect wherever it can, carrying with it pollen, dander, and many other allergens that can make you miserable. The best treatment for allergy sufferers is a clean bedroom. For the absolute best prevention, find a house cleaning service that uses HEPA filters in their vacuums.

You deserve to sleep comfortably. Don't let allergens invade your bedroom and disturb your peace!

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