If you're a parent, there has likely been a time when you've thought about doing some kind of project with your children but thought better of it not because you didn't want to do the project, but because you didn't want to do the cleaning you knew would come afterward!

If you're diligent in your house cleaning, you likely clean; well, everything! However, even the cleanest household items sometimes need to be replaced. Since not everything comes with an expiration date, how do you know when to throw it out? For most, it's a rule of thumb or observation—if it looks okay, it probably is.

Spring is a great time to try a new look in your home, but it can be hard to know where to start. If you're looking for something fresh in your home but need some ideas, here are three of the trends designers are noticing in interior decorating.

A sunny spring day is the perfect day to clean your curtains, especially if you're going to take them down and wash them. Curtain-cleaning is most likely not part of your weekly house cleaning, and that's okay: it's actually better not to thoroughly wash your curtains too often (though a weekly vacuum is okay). Washing them once or twice a year is a good idea.

Every house has the occasional brush with a bad odor: it might be leftover meatloaf in the trashcan, diapers from the baby's room, or a stinky shoe. Sometimes, though; a smell outlasts your cleaning, and no matter how much you hunt for it, you have a hard time finding its source.

If you're living in a small space, you've likely encountered the problem of having more stuff than room. That's not necessarily a bad thing—downsizing can actually be a big relief if you are already tired of mess and clutter in your life!

You know that junk drawer that's overflowing with—well, everything? Inside are small tools, coupons, recipes, random rubber bands, twist ties, batteries, candy, and some things you can no longer identify! It's handy for quick housekeeping to handle the small items that otherwise wouldn't have a home, so you don't have to abandon your junk drawer to have a neater space, just bring a little bit of order to the chaos!

There are some house cleaning tools that don't look much like they belong in your cleaning kit but do an effective job on certain tasks—these creative uses of everyday items are clever (and useful!). While there are many things in your home you could be using to help with cleaning, here are three of our favorites:

In the category of strange housekeeping things you probably didn't know, natural oil buildup on your lint trap is likely on the list! According to Clean Green Talk blogger Leslie, just getting the lint off of your lint trap isn't enough to guarantee its safety. Even with the lint gone, residue build-up on the filter can cause the air to be blocked, creating a fire hazard even when it looks clean.

For some, Do-It-Yourself is about being fun, creative, and innovative. For others, DIY is about finding more affordable or green ways to clean or decorate. Either way, though; money can get away from you. Depending on the project you choose, DIY can cost quite a bit in materials. Before you start your project, take a look at these tips to get you into fun, inventive DIY without spending a lot of money.

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