House cleaning is so much easier when everyone gets involved. Not only does the work go faster, but the time spent as a family can be great for everyone. Of course, it’s difficult to convince someone that cleaning is fun, so it’s good to find ways to mix things up and figure out a way to get your family interested.

Unless you’ve just had a visit from a maids service, you probably always feel like your house could be a little cleaner. Maybe you have company coming on short notice, a party you didn’t have time to clean up for, or just want the house a little tidier before you go to bed.

It’s summertime, and in these months, you will probably find yourself grilling out a lot more often. You keep your pots, pans, and stove clean—remember to keep your barbecue grill clean, too! Don't let a dirty, rusty grill be the reason you can't enjoy a cookout.

Organization is an important part of house cleaning. Having your items organized means you will always find what you need.

One of the places that gets out of hand quickly is the pantry or kitchen cabinets. Groceries come in, food goes out, and pretty soon everything is out of place!

We come home from work or from a day out with our family and friends, put our feet up, and feel relatively safe. Unfortunately, there are some real dangers found in our own homes. 

The good news is, many of them can be solved by awareness and good house cleaning practices--a clean house is a healthy place to live!

When preparing to sell your home, you might come up with a list of things to do. At the top of that list should be getting it as clean as possible, according to a new real estate poll.

A HomeGain study of nationwide realtors revealed that a thorough house cleaning, including both de-cluttering and hands-on surface cleaning, is likely to increase the value of your house by up to $2000. It’s one of the most highly recommended steps realtors suggest to those looking to sell.

If you have carpet, you know it’s one of the first things people see when they come into your home. Add in a busy family, a lot of visitors, or a few pets, and the carpets and rugs soon begin to look worn and absorb odors.

When you cook on a griddle or frying pan, it’s inevitable that some of the grease is going to pop and fly up into the air. Unfortunately, that means it’s going to land somewhere—like your microwave, stove, or stove vent hood.

The days get longer and warmer each week, and if you’re like me, you’re regretting the spring cleaning you haven’t finished. It’s time to become an organizer and take back that house—to stop being frustrated with it and start cleaning it. 

If you shop flea markets, yard sales, or thrift stores, you’ve undoubtedly seen some pieces of furniture and thought, “That must have been beautiful once.” If a piece is in good condition, it can be beautiful again, if you know how to draw out the beauty.

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